IP CCTV Surveillance Systems are increasingly offering greater functionality when compared with the traditional analogue systems.

Within the security industry, IP based Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is being developed to utilise the benefits of sharing corporate computer network infrastructure and with the development of megapixel cameras, provide very high resolution images.

The use of IP CCTV allows utilisation of advanced analytics (such as ANPR, face recognition, trip wire, loitering detection, move detection(by colour, direction, speed or shape) and higher level integration with associated electronic security systems (intruder & fire alarms, building management systems (BMS), access control and environmental monitoring). 

The combined system can be presented anywhere on the network for system Operators as touch screen graphical user interfaces (GUI) and managed by specialised Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software providing audit trails of system activity.  

The IP CCTV website provides a resource that explores the benefits of deploying sophisticated IP Based digital CCTV systems for public safety, loss prevention, disaster management, Homeland Security and traffic monitoring.

Carrying professional CCTV video over IP networks has special challenges compared to most non-time-critical IP traffic. Many of these problems are similar to those encountered in voice over IP (VoIP), but to a much higher level of engineering requirements. In particular, there are very strict quality of service requirements which must be fulfilled for use in professional broadcast environments.

CCTV Control Room

The information included in the web site offer a guide to some of the design challenges and benefits available when using IP based CCTV systems.

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